ICU – Intensive Care Units and Nature

“Rethinking the intensive care environment: considering nature in nursing practice” is an excellent paper by Claire Minton, MN, RN, Lesley Batten, PhD, RN, it “explores evidence related to the negative impacts of the intensive care unit environment on patient outcomes and explores the potential counteracting benefits of ‘nature-based’ nursing interventions as a way to improve care outcomes.”

They explore the fact that ” The impact of the environment in which a patient is nursed has long been recognised as one determinant in patient outcomes. Whilst the contemporary intensive care unit environment contains many features that support the provision of the intensive therapies the patient requires, it can also be detrimental, especially for long-stay patients.”

The results of the paper advises the adoption of nature-based nursing interventions in intensive care units in order to counteract environmental stressors, but instead enhance the environment for patient’s families and nurses, which would speed up recovery.

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Read the paper here.

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