Preventing the £100 billion loss to the British economy

70 million working days are lost each year due to mental ill-health, costing Britain £70-£100 billion, according to the Mental Health Foundation, with a 24% increase to the number of working days lost in the past 6 years the number of working days due to stress, depression and anxiety. How do we improve this? The solution is closer and cheaper than you think.

It is now widely accepted that wellbeing plays a major part in the mental health of people which also improves productivity. Long gone are the days of shutting staff into offices with bad lighting, backs to the doors, 12 hour screen time, noise levels rivalling Paddington Station, poor decor, sad walls and battered floors.  There is an improvement in trends for office design and workplaces, but in the health environment, it is lagging behind. A recent 24 hour trip to the A and E department of a local hospital, staff were so overworked in a dilapidated ward, paint peeling, no natural light, angry patients, tired and unhappy staff. It wouldn’t have taken a brain surgeon to have worked out that improving the environment would help CALM, relax patients and staff, reducing anger and tension, making the unavoidable a much more comfortable experience for everyone. It really doesn’t cost the earth to create a “spa-like” environment that is practical, hygienic and calm. We know, we have the solution which will revolutionise our NHS and every health environment in the country and beyond. 

Not rocket science.  It is constantly being proven that seeing nature on a daily basis improves wellness, encouraging productivity, happiness, staff retention, less sick days due to mental ill-health which means reduction in financial loss overall.

This is particularly important in the health market. Countless studies prove that nature IMPROVES and even accelerates HEALING. See our other articles on our site. Nature stimulus enhancing birth experience ; ICU – Intensive Care Units and Nature, etc. Whether it’s an office space or an Accident and Emergency ward you are looking to improve, give us a call, we have many solutions to help. We bring nature to you in any environment, in any location – offering practical and cost-effective solutions leading to reduction in sick days and improvement to working and everyday lives. For everyone. Always.