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Noise at Work – how to improve results

Noise at Work – how to improve results. Croner-i recently published an article announcing the launch of the new UK Association formed to promote hearing conservation in the UK. The UK Hearing Conservation Association (HCA) claims that current noise risk at work management programmes are not working, and that improvements are needed in several key areas.

At ARGENTA Wellness we are particularly interested in that their focus will be on preventable causes of hearing loss and hearing health impact “through common sense, cost effective, evidenced solutions”.

We use and advocate Ecophon technology. Ecophon is one of the founding members of the HCA. We print images on their sound-absorbing boards. It’s simple and cost-effective. An expert goes into the workplace and measures the sound levels, they then recommend how many boards, we print them, and everyone’s sound environment is improved. cost-effective, simple and quick. It also looks very beautiful and inspiring. So it’s a win win for everyone.

Businesses are now calculating the financial burden that poor sound environments can have on their business. Considering mis-communication resulting in errors in production, medical interventions, educational environments, international calls where sound ricochets on glass or bare walls in boardrooms and offices. Having to double on work or production, repeating instructions, all causes stress and takes time. In health care environments potential loss of life where the wrong medication is given or diagnosis misinterpreted as a result of not hearing properly.

Contact us for more information on our ARGENTA Echophon Acoustic Artselection. Always happy to give you a quotation (prices shown here are RRP, trade discount available).

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