Adriaan van Heerden - Quietude

Adriaan van Heerden - Quietude

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Quietude - ethereal light, the quiet nature of a tree by a waterside. Silent. Thoughts. Time. Space.

Adriaan van Heerden is an award-winning international fine art photographer, exhibiting in London, Brussels, Kyoto and Singapore, with work held in collections in UK, USA and South Africa and published in international newspapers and magazines.

"It is in poetry that the Universe reveals itself to us at its most mysterious and beautiful. Living as we do in a data-saturated societies with impossible standards of perfection, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is in the absence of information that creates space for the imagination to play, and the beauty of things is often revealed in their brokenness, fragility and imperfection. I aim to capture this poetic vision in two dimensions of photographs. I believe that poetry is all around us."

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