Paul Trevillion - Icons of Football, Gascoigne

Paul Trevillion - Icons of Football, Gascoigne

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Paul Gascoigne in action, by Paul Trevillion, the globally acclaimed and legendary artist, known as the "Leonardo of Line", the "Master of Movement". Englands performance in the Italia 90 Fifa World Cup will be remembered for the goals of Gary Lineker and the skills and emotion of England midfielder Paul Gascoinge. Gazza brought England to life when manager Bobby Robson changed the formation in Englands second game of the tournament. They reached the semi final for the first time on foreign soil. The game against Germany was full of emotion and Gazza the clown of the dressing room broke down in tears as he realised when booked he would miss the final. As it was England lost the game on penalties and finally ended the competition in fourth place. The competition was heralded a great success and brought football back to the English people.

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Paul Trevillion’s work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and in exhibitions all over the world. Paul Trevillion is a British sports artist, known for his Roy of the Rovers strip, and You are the Ref, his career spans sixty years. Born in Tottenham, north London, Trevillion, produced artwork for publications like Eagle and TV Century 21 even while still at school. Trevillion's extraordinary artistic talent was discovered and nurtured at a very young age. Encouraged by family, school teachers, and most notably Sir Winston Churchill and HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, he pursued a ground breaking career in the world of sporting art.

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